And now, let us participate in another symbolic act.
Life is full of many such actions that speak to us
of a deeper meaning that we cannot always put
into words. You have used ancient symbols in
this wedding service, the exchange of rings, the
clasping of hands, the bearing of flowers. By such
things you act instead of speak in regard to your
promises. Now each of you will take a candle. And
together you will light one larger candle. This is a
vivid reminder that in true Christian marriage our
lives are merged, even as we remain individuals.
This is a symbolic prayer that your hands become
ONE hand...your hearts ONE heart...and of your
lives ONE life. The two distinct flames represent
your lives up to this moment: individual and
unique. As you light the center candle together,
the joined flame symbolizes your two lives joined
in dependence and growing maturity.
Your plans will be mutual, your joys and
sorrows will be shared alike.

___________________ and ________________  I ask that you each take one candle and that
together you light the center candle. The individual candles represent your individual lives
before today. Lighting the center candle represents your lives joined together from this day
Unity Candle Ceremony