Order of Service


Lighting of the Candles

Seating of the Family                  

(Entrance of Groom and Groomsmen)    


(Entrance of Bridal Attendants)                

Bridal March                             

The Marriage Ceremony


Presentation of the Bride      
Traditional or Modern

Ric's Message

Declaration of Intent  ("I DO")

Exchange of Vows  
Traditional  or Modern

Blessing & Exchange of Rings

Unity ceremony            
Candle Ceremony   
Wine Ceremony
Sand Ceremony
Family Unity Ceremony for Children
Mexican Lasso Ceremony
Jumping the Broom Ceremony
Bowl Ceremony

Scripture or Poem Reading   Readings

Prayer / Blessing      Minister's Prayer

Declaration of Marriage            

The Kiss                                   

Rose Ceremony   

The Introduction                     

Order of seating is
Groom's Grandparents,
Bride's Grandparent's,
Groom's Parents and then
Bride's Mother.
The Minister will go in first, followed by
the  Groom and the Groomsmen and
take their places with the Groomsman
facing  the Groom and the guests.
At this point the Processional
music begins.
The outside Bridesmaid enters
first, followed by the others.
They are followed by the Maid of
Honor.  They will stand  mirroring
the Groomsmen.  Ring Bearer is
next followed by the Flower Girl.  
After everyone is in their place, the
music will change to the Wedding
March and the Bride enters with
her escort on her left.
In all escorting situations, including
ushers, fathers and grooms, the
gentleman always offers his right
arm to the one he is escorting.
Minister announces the
purpose of the gathering,  
welcomes  the guests and  
introduces the bride and  
The Presentation is when the bride is
presented for marriage by  her parent
or parents (the familiar, "Who  gives
this woman").
This is the part that sets me apart
from your other Officiant choices.  
This is where I will tell a story to the
audience of your great love for
each other, the great blessings and
joys you have to look forward to in
marriage and the value and
benefits of marriage.  I will discuss
the seriousness of the event and
the vows being promised.    
Remarks can include traditional
religious references, or not, as you
The bride and groom individually
affirm their  commitment to one
another, in response  to questions     
posed by the Minister; the responses
usually take the  form of "I do" and
repeating the "for better or worse"      
The couple, usually repeating
phrases at the Minister's   direction,
declare their commitment to one
another and   place a wedding ring
on the hand of each other.
This can be read by the Minister or
by friends or family if you would like
to include them in the service.  
Romantic readings and favorite
songs can be a nice addition to the
Minister pronounces the couple
Husband and Wife.
Minister indicating that the groom
may "kiss the bride,"
The bride and groom exchange two
roses,  symbolizing the giving and
receiving of their love for each other
throughout their entire married life.
The Rose Ceremony also conveys
how to use the rose and its
symbolism in difficult times in  order
to forgive each other.
The Minister "introducing" the
newly married couple to the
guests as Mr. and Mrs.
Recessional music begins as Bride
and Groom leave first, followed by
flower girl, ring  bearer, Best Man
and Maid of Honor, followed by
pairs of Groomsmen and
Bridesmaids. Bride's parents,
Groom's  parents, Bride's
Grandparents and Groom's  
grandparents follow.
Ric Justiss Signature Classic Wedding  Ceremony

Below you will find the most popular elements of traditional weddings today.  You may
choose, add or eliminate according to your preferences.  It is your day, so do it your way.

I am totally committed to exceeding your dreams about the perfect wedding ceremony for
you. I do not just perform ceremonies, but help you to create the ceremony that is unique
to you.  On the reservation form, you will be asked to indicate which of the following
elements of the wedding service you would like to include.  You certainly can change
your mind, but it will give us a good starting point in designing your service.

I will coordinate and work with your attendants, family, friends, service providers and site
coordinators to make sure there is a smooth flow from before the ceremony starts to its
conclusion.  This is the time for you to relax!  This is your day on the red carpet, to be
honored and celebrated, and I will do my best to make it perfect.