Once you are ready to book me as your Minister, please complete the reservation form for the type
of service you prefer. Next pay the deposit.  When I have received both, the reservation form and
deposit, I will reserve and calendar the date and time for your ceremony.

What about last minute requests?
Absolutely!  As long as there is room on my calendar, I would be glad to step in at the last minute
and officiate for you.  I even offer same day marriages, if you have your license and want to get
married today, please give me a call.

Do you require premarital counseling?
No, I do not require premarital counseling. You and your partner are adults and your choices in such
matters are strictly your own.  

However, counseling is available if you so desire.  You may schedule one session (2 hours) or you
may schedule the full course of six sessions.  The couples who select counseling hopefully will be
better prepared to face the challenges of marriage.  I highly recommend it.  I want your marriage to
be as beautiful as your wedding.

Does it matter what religion or spirituality we practice?
No. What matters is that I serve you in a matter that brings joy to your day. I will help you to bring
your own spiritual experience to the ceremony, whether Christian, or purely spiritual. My philosophy
is spiritual in nature with love and kindness at its center. As an non-denominational Minister, I honor
and respect all beliefs and traditions, whether religious, spiritual or  secular. I do not use a ceremony
as a platform to promote my personal beliefs but to assist you in celebrating yours!

What are your credentials?
I am a Non-Denominational Minister, ordained by the Church of Christ in 1979. I am authorized to
perform wedding ceremonies in Texas as a  recognized Christian Minister and member of the clergy.
Title: Reverend
Member of Texas Association of Wedding Officiants
Member of American Association of Wedding Officiants

Persons authorized to perform weddings in Texas include licensed or ordained Christian ministers,
priests, Jewish rabbis, officers authorized by religious organizations, justices of the supreme court,
judges of the court of criminal appeals, justices of the courts of appeals, judges of the district,
county, and probate courts, judges of the county courts at law, judges of the courts of domestic
relations, judges of the juvenile courts, retired justices or judges, justices of the peace, retired
justices of the peace, and judges or magistrates of a federal court of Texas.

How long is the ceremony?
"Classic" ceremonies are generally about 30 minutes, depending on what the couple wants to
include in the ceremony. The length of the ceremony is totally up to you. The length depends on
many variables including: will someone read a poem or sing; how many people in the bridal party
processing in and out etc. You are not charged based on the length of your ceremony. It should be
only as long as you want it to be.

Is a rehearsal necessary?
Couples have different feelings on this issue.

I am certainly glad to direct your rehearsal if you would like.  My rehearsal sessions average an
hour  in length.   You will have every aspect of your wedding options explained to you and your
bridal party and then we will practice them.  The confidence and poise that are essential to a great
wedding ceremony will be gained during this thorough rehearsal session.

Most couples find that a rehearsal is not necessary as long as the minister/officiant is experienced
and knowledgeable. Other couples choose to rehearse, but do it without the minister/officiant since
the minister/officiant knows their part and the couple just wants to familiarize the wedding party with
the wedding site and their part in the ceremony.

To add to your comfort level, consider the following:
I make sure I arrive early to the wedding site, usually one hour before the wedding begins, so that we
can go over anything which needs to be addressed.

Keep in mind that I have never had an unhappy wedding couple. I put my heart and soul into each
wedding ceremony and personally make it my highest priority to make each one great. I can assure
you that you and your guests will absolutely love the wedding ceremony.

Is it proper to tip the minister/officiant?
Though it is not necessary to tip the minister/officiant, if you feel you have received wonderful
service and an amazing ceremony and wish to express your gratitude, feel free to do so.  It is one
more way  to inject some  tender loving care into the world.  But it is certainly not expected.  The kind
of tips i really enjoy are the thank you notes and pictures from the wedding.  And I hope you will see
fit to recommend my services to others in your circle.

At what type of locations will you perform weddings?
I will perform ceremonies in hotel halls, hotel suites and rooms, wedding chapels, churches, in parks
or lake fronts, restaurants, bars, on boats, at the beach, at private residences - wherever you like!
Just be certain that you have acquired any necessary permits beforehand.

How far in advance should I confirm a wedding officiant?
As I conduct all ceremonies myself, many dates are booked well in advance, so don't wait too late to
reserve the day and time you need. The sooner the better.

Why do you put so much more than other officiants into the wedding ceremony?
Conducting your wedding ceremony is just my humble, unique way of making the world a little bit
more beautiful, two special people at a time.  

I consider performing your wedding a sacred trust and a distinct honor. When you ask me to perform
your wedding ceremony, I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth.  I put the best I have into your
ceremony to try to give you the perfect start to your "happily ever after" fairy tale.

I know my ceremonies consistently touch hearts and change lives.  I know I have been called a
wedding officiant extraordinaire, but I am only trying to bring a breath of fresh air to the wedding
ceremony, so often characterized as empty, cliché and trite.   I also believe the marriage itself is
much more important than the wedding ceremony, and I hope to inspire my couples to be the best
they can be and to make their marriage all that a marriage can be and should be.
Frequently Asked Questions
"Making the World More Beautiful, Two Special People at a Time."