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As for me, I am the real thing, a former church pastor and preacher, who began as a  Church
of Christ Minister 37 years ago, long before the internet and the new wave of "internet
ministers." Trust your wedding to one with the experience and know-how to make your
wedding amazing.  Of all your wedding day events none will be as important as the

On your wedding day, when you're standing before family and friends, facing each other for
the most important event in your lives-  at that moment - the wedding officiant you want is
someone  you trust and feel good about. The wedding ceremony is such a powerful and
deeply personal event.  When you and your fiancé are in front of all your family and friends,
standing face to face and gazing only into each other's eyes, about to share the most
powerful and intimate vows you will ever share, you are experiencing a moment of
matchless emotion.

In such a sacred moment, the person presiding  makes all the difference.

From me you can expect:
1. A high level of  professionalism,
2. A cheerful friendly manner -  and I hope my calling into this Ministry is reflected in the joy
which I bring to my work.  I think it just goes to show that  when you commit to the thing you
love, life rewards you in ways you never thought possible,
3. Reliable, On-Time and Punctual, arriving in plenty of time to take charge and provide
leadership for your wedding day,
4. A calming and reassuring manner with the ability to make you feel at ease.

Serving the Dallas Fort Worth area,  I have Officiated weddings large and extravagant and
as small as just the two, bride and groom.  I have performed weddings in churches, wedding
chapels, homes, parks, hotels, clubs, bars, boats and on the beach, and can perform your
wedding at the location of your choice.  I have performed formal and casual weddings,  
planned and impromptu, and can assist you accordingly.  

Many of my couples are making their second trip down the aisle. Everybody wants to get
married once and for all and have that be their only relationship for the rest of their life. But
it doesn’t always work out that way. I applaud people for not giving up and trying again.

As a non-denominational minister, my approach is to help you get married by conducting a
wedding ceremony that celebrates the commitment between two people who love one
another, by reflecting the values, beliefs, and meaningful aspects of your relationship. It is
important that your ceremony be an authentic expression of you as individuals and as a
couple, and I will assist you every step of the way.

I am here to help you celebrate your love and commitment, and will do so in a manner that
brings the most meaning and joy to your ceremony. I will conduct your ceremony with the
utmost consideration and respect, and give full attention to present and display to all in
attendance the love that binds your union.
"Making the World More Beautiful, Two Special People at a Time."
I will do my best to make your occasion both beautiful, joyful and memorable.  I will be
swinging for the fence to reach the tear ducts and heart strings of everyone throughout the
house.  Most of my couples are so proud to have me officiate their wedding,because the
one thing heard most often from the guests, is "that is the best wedding ceremony I have
ever heard."  My words are inspiring, motivating and uplifting. I speak of true love, giving,
sharing, helping, faithfulness, integrity, influence and a lifetime adventure of growing
together. You can be confident that you are in good hands, and that I will take good
care of you and your wedding.  With my attention to detail and years of experience, I will
oversee and direct your wedding to make sure you look your best and are relaxed, poised
and confident for your big day.

Day Of Your Wedding

On your wedding day I will arrive at least 45-60 minutes before your ceremony, meet with
your photographer, musicians, dj and those in the ceremony.  I will make sure everything is
in order and everyone is ready.  Please provide to me your license before the ceremony, as
afterwards you will be too busy celebrating with your friends and family to want to stop and
deal with that.   After the ceremony, I will ensure the license is in order and that your
witnesses have signed it if appropriate, congratulate you both and leave.
I submit your license and you will receive your marriage certificate in the mail.
That's it you're married!!!!!!
is the ceremony, and you deserve the very best