……………  by ric justiss

Stuff breaks.  And when it does someone has
to fix it.

The word "Handyman" dates back to 1872 and
is defined as a person who is competent in a
variety of small skills or inventive or ingenious
in repair or maintenance work - also
called a "handyperson".  I have never been very
handy, mostly because I have never been around
anyone who really was.  I never had a good

I enjoy doing it when I know how.  I like doing it myself.  And if I think I can figure it
out, I am willing to try. This week the faucet over our kitchen sink broke.  It had to
be replaced.  So I spent Friday night, installing a new one.  And I was successful.  
It really feels good when I am able to figure it out and get it done.

And then earlier in the week, our main line to the alley got stopped up.  And I
figured out how to un-stop it without having to call a plumber.

So mark up a couple wins for the un-handy man.

Oct. 16, 2005
Just My Opinion