Love at First Sight

……………  by ric justiss

I've been asked, "Do you believe in
love at first sight?" My answer is  
"I believe we quickly know at first
sight who we are 'capable' of
loving.”  We might later change our mind.   For
myself, almost 99% of the time I can spend a lunch
or dinner with a person and I'll know within as little
as twenty minutes whether I could ever even
consider this person.  And getting to know the
person better has rarely changed the way I
initially felt.   But bear in mind,  I'm thinking of
my DESIRE  to get to know this person better to
determine if this is someone I could love or have a friendship with... not to be
confused with accurately judging someone's character.

When it comes to figuring out a person's character I am not as accurate.  I have
been fooled.  I can be way off the mark, and have been on several occasions, but
I would estimate my initial judgment falls in the 75% to 80 % success bracket.

To get back to the love at first sight question... I think this miracle is quagmired.  If
someone meets a person of the opposite sex and says, "I think I'm in love" –
sometimes what they mean to say is, "I'd really like to have sex with this
person."   Love and lust are two different things.  We all get that.   In love, my
thinking is for their welfare, being a help to them in their life, thinking of how I can
contribute to their happiness.  In lust, I seek how they could provide me sexual
satisfaction. When we love we have a natural sexual desire for them coupled with
a true caring for them.  But lust has no conscience or regard for them as a
person, only how selfish sexual desires can be satisfied through them.

So do I believe in love at first sight? Yes.   Yes, I believe it happens... we know
who we are 'capable' of loving right away and sometimes a man and a woman
meet and both have this same identical response to each other.   Some people
call it a 'gut feeling.'  Then they continue getting to know each other.  Although
you can just know immediately if someone is sexually attractive to you, smart
and interesting, it takes time to discover whether that person is truly honest,
kind, dependable, trustworthy, emotionally available and compatible with you in
terms of values, interests and temperament.  Sometimes, once we have made the
decision we want to get to know this person better, we find out and realize they
are perfect for us, and we just cannot imagine life without them.  And sometimes
we find out they fall into the “no way-no how” category.

I have seen people date for many years, finally get married, and then divorced in
very little time.  Even after plenty of time of trying to get to know each other, they
still were not right for each other.  On the other hand, there are plenty of stories
of people celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, who met and married in a
relatively short time.  They just knew.

All I am saying, is that, hey, I’m a believer.  It can happen.  You might call it fate.  I
call it God bringing together two who are right for each other and need each
other. A miracle!!  Two falling in love,  who without his intervention, never would
of found each other in a million years.  If it happens to you, fall to your knees and
give thanks to the one above who loves you that much.  You have been truly


Oct. 27, 2006
Just My Opinion