Dawn of a New Day

………  by ric justiss

I like mornings. I am not in such a hurry and the
day is new and bright and everything seems
fresh. Today, this morning brings more
than just a new day. This morning brings a
new year. Today is my birthday.

Today marks another new beginning for me.

Today feels good. I feel I can do what I want, not a wild freedom, but freedom that comes
from life experience. Some may understand, how you have figured out what is important and
what is not. You give up trying to put up with things that make you miserable. It is the red-hat
thing isn’t it? Making others happy, at some point, loses its power over you, and I think that
is a good thing. So, I no longer allow people to rent space in my head.

I believe stronger than ever that beauty comes from within. I look for it, I watch for it, and it
thrills me when I uncover it and behold it. I love to be surrounded by beautiful people, those
with the “inside” beauty. These beautiful people are the true blessings in my life.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I have recognized in myself that I have become
more serious about living. I don’t want to miss a chance to laugh, a chance to sing, a chance
to enjoy an evening with friends. I find giving my best makes the day better. When I do, I feel
better and happier, it puts a pep in my step and a zip in my day.

I am thankful my life is still continuing. I have heard that more people die in their fifties than
any other decade. So, if I can make it through this decade, I figure I am good to go for the
long haul. That is what I am hoping for. Let’s do it. Lap 55 is in the books, 56 HERE I COME! I’
ll be kicking off my new year with a good dose of intensity. As my friend Phil told me the
other day, “I am motivated.” I’m loving life. Of course there are problems, there always will
be, and I’m not saying I have a problem-free life. We all have challenges. Yours are different
than mine and mine are much different than yours. But we have what we have and we use all
of our resources to face our challenges the best we can. And that is where I am at. Moving
forward, hoping to have some simplicity this year balanced with accomplishments, learning
more and helping people in their own personal growth without losing sight of my own.

I feel like I am in a good rhythm right now. I enjoy using this space to stay in touch with
friends. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy discovering life along with me. Thanks for that. I
am glad you are here.

Seniordom! Maybe I should be eating at Denny’s today and getting that Senior Discount.
Hey, why not? What do you think Michelle, you up for Denny's tonight?

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes...I appreciate it so much.

Love, Ric

August 27, 2009
Just My Opinion