………  by ric justiss

One of the joys we have in being human is in exercising
our freedom to choose and to take each case as it
comes to us. We are not robots who are forced into
behaviors by their programming. We see things; we
think about things; and we choose our course of action
or beliefs appropriately. And as long as that remains true
of us, we will live every day of our lives on one slippery
slope or another. Even so, in each of those decisions we
make day to day, dignity is something some people have
more than others, and undignified moments are a pitfall for
all of us. Remember this,- there is a proper dignity to be
observed in everything we do and say to others.

Dignity cannot be purchased nor manufactured. Dignity comes not from control, but from
understanding who you are and taking your rightful place in the world. Each time I
encounter someone living life with dignity, I think to myself how nice it was to know them,
and how nice it was to brush against goodness, if even for a season.

This holiday, or holy day as it is, always reminds me of the importance of living with dignity.

God bless.  Ric

April 2, 2010

Just My Opinion