The Last Time

………  by ric justiss

There is always a last time for everything.
The common things we do on a regular
basis are so familiar to us that we scarcely
notice them. But one time - likely a time you
will not notice - will be the last time. The last
time you make breakfast for your child. The
last time you go to church. The last time you
mow the grass at a house you loved. The
last time you shop at your favorite store.
It is a rare thing to notice the last time and
get a chance to say goodbye.

Today I pray: “Lord, If this is the last time, thank you for them all.”

Keep your eyes open, boys and girls. Watch for those last times. You’ll miss most of them.
But if you do catch one, make sure you acknowledge it appropriately.

Love, Ric

December 2, 2009
Just My Opinion