Jumping the Broom Ceremony
Jump the Broom to celebrate your starting a new life

What is jumping the broom? Simply, it is a ceremony
in which the bride and groom signify their entrance
into a new life and their creation of a new family by
symbolically “sweeping away” their former single
lives, former problems and concerns, and stepping
over the broom to enter upon a new adventure as
husband and wife.

Most often jumping of the broom occurs during the
recessional, as the couple turn to head back down
the aisle.

The couple jumps over a decorated broom laid on the
ground before them,  while holding hands. This
symbolizes the cutting  of  ties with the old life before
they were together and represents the old remnants
being swept away. The straw end represents the brushing away of all their old cares
and worries.   
The strong wooden handle represents the strength of your commitment to each other,
and the straight, unconditionally-committed path you will follow together in marriage.

The leap that the couple takes over the broom  is also symbolic. Starting a new life with
another person does require a "leap of faith". But by taking the leap, the individuals
make a gesture of dedication to working together through the tough times ahead and
the willingness to care for and defend one another.

Some say that whoever jumps the highest will be the boss of the house!
"Making the World More Beautiful, Two Special People at a Time."