"Diamond" Ric Justiss
Senior Litigation Paralegal
A highly acclaimed litigation case manager, having managed the defense's case
in a highly publicized and lengthy criminal federal trial and then also managed
many civil cases in big document-intensive disputes, Ric Justiss has worked as
a litigation paralegal at some of Dallas' largest and  leading Law firms.   His prior
experience also includes managing a firm's workman's compensation dept.,
coordinating the seven attorney insurance defense team preparing them for
anywhere from 10 - 20 hearings per week.

It could be his unwavering positive attitude, stubborn determination, and intense
work ethic, combined with limitless energy that allows him to get the job done so
effectively. Or maybe it is the way the courtroom "spirit" dances around in his
eyes when he smiles. He seemingly was born with the personality of a trial
lawyer. While he claims a fondness for backyard football, and a surprising skill
level at pool (billiards),  he'd rather be in a courtroom trying a lawsuit. "I truly love
the challenge - the strategy that goes on in a case. It fits my nature." Putting a
case together and carefully planning a winning strategy are his favorite parts of
the job. In preparing for a trial, he will read every document and every deposition
himself. He wants to know more about the case than anyone else in the
courtroom. He is willing to pay the price to be ready.

As a retired Minister and the son of a Minister, Ric is exceedingly disarming in a
congenial, up-front kind of way - a down-home, straight-talking kind of guy, with
an inbred belief that truth will triumph, and a gift for peddling whatever needs to
be sold.

It's easy to believe him when he describes himself as "boring" - for about 5
seconds. Then he mentions among his other activities, his most cherished role
as husband to his wonderful wife and dad and step-dad to their 5 kids.

Don't let his quiet easy going style fool you, because when he has business to
take care of, no challenge or obstacle is insurmountable. And he is equally fierce
about celebrating a success, praising a fellow employee for a job well done, or
having fun with friends after work. He loves a good celebration, displaying his
work-hard, play-hard mentality. Maybe it is his attitude or maybe it is his spirit that
separates him from the rest and makes him a star at any law firm. "The size of
the case is not relevant. It's the battle. It's the wrong that's been done that is
important, and the opportunity to help make things right."
ricjustiss@yahoo.com   214-288-2976
Poetic Justice...ric justiss

Law, says the judge,
Expounding to the regular people,
Law is the words defining all that’s wrong,
Law is my pulpit and my steeple.

The rain it raineth on the just, he says
And also on the unjust fella.
But chiefly on the just because
The unjust steals the just’s umbrella.

If you are wronged, find a law firm with position of
You will need one employing an outstanding general
One to sort the papers and look for stuff
One who can handle diversified work.

The just will get their equal justice,
Their day will surely come, the judge says as he
The unjust feel the full force of the law
Thanks to the mighty law firm, and of course the
general clerk.