ric justiss

You took care of me when I was little
and watched over me all these many years.
You have always lifted me back up and sent me on my way,
dispelling all my worries, my doubts and my fears.

You always knew how to make me feel special,
It was more than just being a mother, it was you just being you.
It's never been enough to just say I Love You,
cause that could never repay all the things you do.

I have thanked the Lord for you a hundred million times,
No one knew how much you were on my mind.
I've dreamed of miracles and having special powers,
to somehow return the love and pay you back in kind.

You have always been my hero,
You have always stood so tall.
Most everyone thinks their mom is best,
But in my eyes you have surpassed them all.

You loved, you forgave countless times,
And you molded me into the man you knew I could be.
After all these years, you are still just so amazing,
I am overwhelmed at just what you see in me.

I thank you for the smile you always have for me,
I thank you for the words, you always know what to say.
With a heart overflowing with love and respect,
I send you greetings and thankyou's Mom, on this another
Mother's Day.
Do Reindeer Really Know How to Fly?

by ric justiss

Yes they do...I know they do.
You see, I'm a believer: reindeer and Santa and cookies by the tree.
Caroling and good will towards man,
All are things so special to me.

The children awaken to find their gifts.
Yes, Santa was here for all to see: yes we believe.
The happy little faces - the joy down deep in those little hearts.
Thank you reindeer for flying to our house this christmas eve.

The special dinners, time out from our hectic lives:
christmas cards and phone calls and a special batch of fudge, we
pause, we stop...and spread a little love and cheer.
Thank you reindeer,
For making this the best time of the year.

The music, the songs with words of warmth and hope.
Sing to me, oh yes sing to me: how I love your happy tune, for your
song I'll keep with me all year long.
Thank you again reindeer,
For my heart, my soul... me: somehow I'm better now, filled with the
ole familiar songs.

So, fly reindeer fly.
Do your thing on christmas eve.
Thanks to you, my life is better.
Oh yes, I believe.
I Am The ric justiss

I don't float like a butterfly
or sting like a bee,
but you've never met
any greater than me.

I am cooler than the Fonz,
even cooler than James Dean.
Yes,I am The Greatest
that you've ever seen.

Give me the Oscar
and the Nobel Peace Prize
Crown me World Champion
It can be no surprise.

I am the winner,
the Survivor, at the top of the pack.
Whether sports or academics,
there is nothing I lack.

Even with women
I must be the best.
Because I got Michelle
over all of the rest.

But even the greatest of champions
have their Achilles heel.
If I just wasn't so poor
I would be the real deal.

But my mama loves me
And I'm loved by my ole dog named blue.
Give it a chance
and maybe you'll love me too.
Mounds of ric justiss

Her two breasts are nothing less than heaven,
The emodiment of all that is good and pure.
Two mounds of gold, two mounds of honey,
The sweetest of all nectars, of this I am sure.

With her heart filled with love,
She presents them to me.
For this is her gift, as a lady to her man,
Like a rare treasure, for only me to see.

This beautiful woman, whom my soul loves,
on my bed night after night.
Her lovely breasts pressed tightly against me,
It is all that is holy, it is all that is right.

In the beginning they give life,
and nurture the young girl or boy,
And now, still, they give me life,
The fountain from which I am sustained
and find unspeakable joy.

As I hold one breast in my left hand and the other in my right,
How beautiful you are my darling.
As beautiful as the full moon, as pure as the sun,
As awesome as the sunrise, how you make my heart sing.

My beloved is dazzling, outstanding among ten thousand,
To me her worth is far above any thing.
I am blessed beyond measure,
And so proud she wears my ring.
I Dream of You……by ric justiss

I dreamed of being in love,
I never dreamed of sharing my soul.
I dreamed of a special feeling,
I never dreamed you’d make me whole.

I dreamed of sharing my thoughts,
but I never dreamed you’d be able to read my mind.
I dreamed of going places,
Who knew the stars would be so perfectly aligned.

I dreamed of my wedding day.
I never dreamed of being so swept off my feet,
In my dream I knew you would be amazing.
I never dreamed I would feel so loved, happy, content, and complete. ric justiss

Your spirit has always been gentle
Your love has always been true
A man of special character
One among very few.

You taught us right from wrong
And to always do the thing that's right.
We love your re-assuring and friendly smile,
And the confidence you instilled was like a harbor on a long and stormy night.

You have always been a man's man,
John Wayne had nothing on you.
But your gift has always been your words,
From your pen and speeches, you always amaze, we love how they flow so
lovingly to us in the pew.

Thank you for caring for us,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Of all the people and things in our life,
You Dad, have been the very best part.

We are the lucky ones,
We have been blessed through and through
Happy Father's Day Dad
You are the best - We Love You.
My Favorite ric justiss

It's been there for me for years.
It's like an old and faithful friend.
It is not very pretty... old, worn and ragged,
but in my life, one of the few things on which I can depend.

We always start our day together.
At least my day always starts out right.
It's big, it's's just nice.
Do yourself a favor, and find a towel you like.
The Best Part of Waking ric justiss

the best part of waking up,
at least for me, you see,
is not folgers in my cup,
but seeing you there next to me.

it's not even the excitement of a brand new day,
or the smell of the fresh morning air.
but how I do love it when I hear you say,
"good morning darlin"; I hear in your voice how much you care.

starting our day together, now that is what it is all about.
kissing and hugging and making our plan.
each morning the ways you show your love, I have no doubt,
thats the best part of waking up; makes me proud to be your man.
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I Dream of You
Pool Player...ric justiss

I walked in to the room smiling, yet hiding what I knew
I’d show them all what a Pool Player could do.

I took out my cue, looking tired and worn,
But with strength of fire each night it was somehow reborn.

I made a ball here, then made a ball there
They were dropping in the side and everywhere.

I cracked them again, then wouldn’t you know?
Eight on the break, just for show.

One more round, and I’m down to the eight,
Yet another opponent left in my wake.

I returned back to the night, smiling, ‘cause yes it was true,
I had shown them all what a Pool Player could do.

"Making the World More Beautiful, Two Special People at a Time."