The Sand Ceremony adds a twist to the traditional
unity candle tradition. Like a unity candle the sand is
used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom
or the joining of their families.  The sand unity
ceremony uses two or three (or more for children)
jars or glass containers of colored sand (3 in the
example below) and a large glass container  to
combine the sand. Each of the containers of sand
symbolizes the separate lives of the bride and groom
and their families.  The combined sand makes a
wonderful wedding keepsake for the bride and
groom and a constant reminder of their commitment
to one another. Craft stores are the best source for natural and colored sand as well as small
glass bottles.

The Unity Sand Ceremony  is a bit nontraditional, as you may imagine. It can be difficult to
have the Candle Ceremony outdoors, as candles don't want to stay lit. So the Sand Ceremony
was created, and it has become very popular. The words are very similar, as the wedding
officiant explains the meaning of the unity ceremony. It represents leaving your two separate
lives and joining to make one life together. You can do this without a colored sand for the
minister if you prefer and just have two colored sands, one for bride and one for groom.

"To symbolize the importance of the individuals within the marriage and the joining of two
lives into one entity, 3 colors of sand will now be layered into a base."

(Trista is handed a clear jar of Pink Sand, Ryan is handed a clear jar of Blue Sand. The
minister has one clear jar filled with a Neutral color sand and a large empty jar)

The Minister speaks again:
"We begin with a layer of Neutral Sand which symbolizes that the marriage is grounded."

(The Minister pours a little of the Neutral Sand into the large jar)

"Then we layer the individual colors. This symbolizes that the marriage is based on the
strength of the individuals."

(Ryan poured a little of the Blue Sand in first, followed by a little more of the Neutral Sand
from the minister. Trista then added a little of the Pink Sand, followed by some additional
Neutral Sand from the minister).

"And now we combine the colors, which symbolizes two lives joined as one together forever."

(Ryan and Trista simultaneously pour their remaining sand into the large jar until their jars are
empty. The minister caps off the sand with the last of the Neutral Sand. The minister then
holds the large jar up as if presenting to the wedding audience and places the jar to the side)
Unity Sand Ceremony