Dear Rev. Ric

Tom and I cannot thank you enough for your services.  The ceremony you performed was
wonderful, and everyone was raving about it.  People wanted to know where we found
you.  The common feedback we received was "that minister said everything that needed to
be said at a wedding that never is said at a wedding." Your message touched everyone
that heard it - and again, we are grateful.  

Thanks again for making our special day even more special!

Tom & Jennifer  
Dear Rev. Justiss

My wife and I attended your wedding service, and we wanted to send a note to say
how much we were touched.  We are in our 70's, and as we listened to you speak, we
found ourselves holding hands.  Your wonderful words caused us each, at the same
time,  to reflect on our own marriage and what a blessing it has been for us through
the years.  We have been lucky to know the kind of love you spoke of, and felt as if our
own vows were being renewed.  Thank you for your uplifting and inspiring message.

God speed my friend,
Jim and Lois Long
Dear Rev. Ric

Thank you so much Ric for the beautiful wedding service.

We  tried to think of everything to make our wedding special.  We picked out what we
thought was the perfect location, and then all the other amenities, the dress, the flowers,
the music and the food.

But to our surprise the one thing that made our wedding the best was you. Everyone we
have talked to has told us what a great job you did. After everything else was in place, it
was your wonderful service that put it over the top and really made it special.

Thank you from the both of us.
Pam and Chris
Dear Rev. Ric

We just loved your service at our daughter's wedding.  You are an amazing speaker with
just the right touch.  Thank you so much for everything you did.

Mark and Lisa Love
Prov. 22:1 A good name is rather to be
chosen than great riches, and loving
favour rather than silver and gold.
Ecc 7:1 A good name is better than
precious ointment
Dear Rev. Justiss

Thank you for a moving and completely wonderful ceremony!   You made the day so
special.   We so appreciated your thoughtful attention to detail and your very calm and
accommodating manner. Our families agreed that your ceremony was beautiful, and in a
word, perfect!

With gratitude,
Beau and Ally
Dear Rev. Ric

Thank-you so much for "marrying" our daughter, Diana, to Marty this past weekend.  We
loved your message and it was like you'd known them all their lives.  Your words were
perfect and we appreciate you doing such a fabulous job.  It will be a day to remember
always.  Thank-you for being a special part of their BIG day!  Since her grandaddy ( a
Methodist minister) has passed away and couldn't be the one to do her service, we
were so glad someone as caring as you could give such a meaningful message!  

Again, thank-you ,
Phyllis and David Russell
Dear Rev. & Mrs. Justiss

We just wanted to thank you again.  We are happier than ever.  Your part in our
happiness is greatly appreciated and we will keep you in our prayers forever.

Much luck and happiness to you both.
Your generosity and beauty of spirit are a blessing.

Theodore G. Amos
Dana M. Amos
Dear Rev.  & Mrs. Justiss

Thank you so much Ric,

On the ride home, we both talked about the special wedding ceremony you preformed
for us. How much thought you must have put into it.  The Poem you found was so very
perfect for us.  
Again, thanks Ric, for uniting me with the love of my life, My One & Only True Love.
I had been dreaming and anticipating this for a very long time and when you read the
poem you found for our ceremony, my eyes welled us and a lump formed in my throat.
It literally moved me to tears. God Bless you and yours in all your endeavors.

Yes, what Michael said...You made the ceremony very special for us and we really
loved the awesome poem. As Michael said, we talked about the ceremony all the way
home, and we will remember it always. You are a very special minister, and made us
feel very special, as well. Please extend our well wishes to Michelle.

Thank you for a wonderful wedding!


Mr. and Mrs. Gardner!
Rev. Ric,
I wanted to thank you for performing such a beautiful ceremony for us last week.  We
had so many compliments.   It was a very special moment and I am glad you were a part
of it.

We appreciate your time and sincerity.  It made it a very memorable experience for us
Have a blessed day!

Jeff - Cheryl Braly
Hi Rev. Ric,

Bobby and I just received our wedding pictures from
our  wedding and wanted to send you one with
us and you.  We also just wanted to say thanks again
for the wonderful job you did.  People continue to
comment about the way the ceremony flowed and how
meaningful it was.  Thanks again and keep in touch!


Jennifer & Bobby Watkins
Rev. Justiss,

Thank you again for the wonderful job you did at our wedding. We had tons of
compliments from our guests about you and the wonderful things you said during the
Thanks again for a wonderful wedding. It was all that I had wanted and MORE!!!

Rhonda Childress-Herres
Dear Rev. Ric

The wedding could not have been nicer, and you are the reason, because your words
and prayers were inspirational, not only for them, but for everyone else in attendance.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Linda Parkinson
Rev.  Justiss,

I would like to say thank you one more time ! Every one was asking me where we
found you ? They said they have gone to a lot of weddings but never had such a
feeling of love  come over them from your words !!   Every one was in tears.  Thank
you for making my day so special.
Love Mrs Fritcher
Rev. Ric,

We got the marriage license today.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!!  We got the pictures
yesterday from the photographer.  They turned out so good!  You know sometimes it
is hard to know what you are going to get when you find someone off the internet.
Lisa did great!!!  The first time I talked to you, I felt good about her choice.  When we
met, I felt as if I had known you forever.  Thanks you for making me feel comfortable
with this huge step in our life!  Your words were so beautiful as you spoke them, then
I found out you made us a copy of them... WOW.  That was wonderful!  What a
keepsake!  As I told you in the beginning, we are not traditional.  Neither were your
words.  That was even better.  You spoke from the heart, not just a piece of paper.  
Thank you for being that way, it is very special!  I certainly will tell anyone who might
need a pastor, to call you.  You made our special day, more special!!!!

Thank you for all you did for us!!!!!!!

Susan & Janeric Jonsson

Thank you so much, for everything.  The Wedding Ceremony was so  beautifully done.
We could not have asked for a better Wedding Ceremony.   

We  thank God for you.

Love, Brad and Tracy

Dear Rev.Ric
You handled our wedding with superior care and passion. We would recommend
you over and over again.
Thanks for making our wedding day memorable and special.

Your words were inspiring and we use them as a guideline throughout our life

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  May God continue to bless you.
Mike & Bea Coleman
Rev. Ric
Our ceremony was absolutely wonderful and the words you spoke will stay with me

Everyone enjoyed it so much and it is a time that my husband and I will cherish
forever. I have attached photos for you to have. Thanks again for everything

April M. Towle
Rev. Justiss
We cannot begin to thank you enough for making our wedding ceremony so special.  
Our friends began commenting at the reception on how touching the service was.  
There wasn't a dry eye to be found anywhere.  We've had many emails from friends
and family saying that our wedding was the most moving ceremony they have ever
heard, and we owe that to you.  You made our day more special than we imagined it
could have been.

Thank you so very much for helping to make our day perfect!

Elizabeth and Dave Bilton
Rev. Ric, I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you being a part of our
wedding day!  The ceremony was beautiful!  I cannot even begin to tell you how many
guests asked where we found you and complimented you.  I'm so sorry we ran late, I
hope we didn't hold you up too long.  It was definitely much more hectic than I ever
could have imagined it being.   Again, thank you so much for the lovely ceremony.   

Cody & Laurie Marshall
Rev. Justiss
appreciate all of your support through the entire process.  Everything was clear and
it all went very smoothly.  Your experience made our wedding day very stress free.  
All of our guests were made to feel very at ease by your warm, down-to-earth

We also appreciated the time that you and your wife took to counsel us.  The
session was very productive and helped us to enter our marriage with confidence.  
Thank you for your suggestions for the service, especially the sand ceremony.  

We would gladly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a ceremony to suit
their needs!

Love, Chris and Cindy and Alex
Dear Rev. Ric Justiss
We would like to thank you so much for the lovely ceremony.  God answered our
prayers when we came across you website.  We are honored to know you as an
officiant and as a person.  Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Yours, Carlo and Darlene Fernandez, Albany, Mo.
Rev. Justiss, Thank you very much for marrying us in September.  Our wedding day
was so wonderful and everything we hoped it would be.  We loved our ceremony
service.  We had nothing but compliments from our guests about how wonderful our
ceremony was.  Thank you for making our day wonderful! We hope you have a
wonderful holiday season.

Love, Amanda and Dallas