My 3 Angels
My 3 Angels

They Guide Me
They Protect Me
They Sustain Me

Why I was given 3 angels I don't know
But they watch over me wherever I go.  

They keep each day perfect,
Chosen by God, handpicked.

They know me inside and out.
They know what I am all about.

The keepers of magic and dreams
Keeping me safe, what a great team.

My 3 angels, filling me with Love
A perfect Love, sent from above.

Somehow they always know,
And help me find a place, just when I think
there is no place to go.

They are the music in my heart.
They are my solace and my rampart.

They see me through the darkest hours.
And cheer me like a bouquet of flowers.

So if you see me out in a bit
Don't mind the angels in my pocket

They will always be on board
Leading me home to My Sweet Lord.

by ric justiss
My Sweet Lord
George Harrison